Chili Cook Off Rules


  • Entry fee of $200 allows a 5 man team and an allocated 10x10 area.
  • Each Team must complete an entry form and sign a waiver to participate.  Waiver and payment may be accepted at time of cook off.
  • Chili cooked on site: All chili is required to be cooked on site, in the open.  Food preparation and cooking MUST begin by 1:00pm (this allows for a preparation of 4+ hours)
  • Chili is defined as any combination of ground, chopped or cubed meats together with spices and seasonings, along with tomatoes, onions, peppers, beans and liquids such as broth.  Ingredients may NOT be pre-cooked in any way prior to the commencement of the cook off.  The only exceptions are canned or bottled tomatoes, sauces, peppers, broth, beans and grinding or mixing of spices.
  • Chili must be prepared out in the open as sanitary as possible. Clorox wipes and Hand Sanitizer are available at the chili trailer, as well as hand washing stations throughout the area. Cooking is NOT permitted in an enclosed trailer or kitchen. 
  • A minimum of 5 gallons of chili must be prepared and 1 pint of chili must be turned in for judging at 4:45pm in the judging cup provided to you.  Judging will be based on Taste, Aroma, Color, Consistency and Aftertaste.  (This is not a CASI Sanctioned Event)
  • Chili is NOT to be dispensed to guests until 5:00pm.  Each guest will have a wristband and a tasting bowl.    Absolutely NO outside bowls are allowed. 
  • Each campsite will be marked with a number, this is for Best Campsite voting.  Do not move your campsite or trade with another vendor. 
  • Keep your campsite clean and sanitary, and dispose of all trash in the large trashcans provided by the City of Mt Pleasant.

Registration Details & Schedule

Teams must Register by November 28, 2020

Friday December 4, 2020

The City of MP will close 2nd Street and spaces will be marked by 8pm, at which time teams may begin tent setup.

Saturday, December 6, 2020

*Beer Garden, provided by Mardi Gras*

10:00 am  Teams must check in & sign waiver

12:00 pm  Lunch provided by Steve Capps                       & Higginbotham Insurance

12-3pm Testimonials from Hope Ministries

1:00 pm   Deadline for Teams to begin cooking

3:00-6:00pm Star 96.9 Live Remote

4:45 pm  Chili turned in for judging.

5:00 pm  Serve to the public

6:00 pm  Rotary Club Christmas Parade Begins

7:00-10pm Live music by HAYDEN MCBRIDE

7:30 pm  Awards

8:00 pm  Campsite breakdown may begin.

Other attractions available:

Downtown Merchants open late

Ice Skating (Saturday 10am-10pm & Sunday 1-6pm)

Mini Carnival (on the south side of court house)

Car Show (at the Bell Tower parking lot)

*Provided by the City of Mt Pleasant*


Team Entry Includes

  • 10ft x 10ft Space
  • Electricity (as needed) for cooking purposes. (Provided by the City of Mt Pleasant)
  • Bottled Water
  • 5 Wristbands & Chili Tasting Bowls for your team.
  • 2x 2019 OBG Memorial Shirts.  Additional Shirts can be pre-ordered or purchased at chili cook off vendor table. (Limited Quantities)
  • Official Judging Cup. (will be given to your team 30 minutes prior to judging)
  • People's Choice Voting Buckets (Winners will be determined by the amount of money in your bucket.  Buckets will be collected at 7pm)
  • Hand Washing Stations *Required by the Texas Department of Health & Provided by the City of Mt Pleasant.*
  • Trash Cans *Required by the Texas Department of Health & Provided by the City of Mt Pleasant.*

What To Bring

Teams Must Provide

  • Cutting boards, knives, can opener and all other cooking utensils needed.
  • All ingredients. (Including water)
  • 2 Tables (One for serving & One for preparation & cooking.
  • A method to cook. **NO Ground Fires Allowed.*


  • 10ft x 10ft Tent/Canopy
  • Chairs for your team
  • Decorations & Signage for Best Campsite Contest.  *This is not a mandatory contest, but we encourage everyone to decorate their campsite and themselves and join in the fun of this years theme: 80's neon Christmas.*           Best Campsite Award of $250



1st Place   $500 Cash Prize

2nd Place  

3rd Place

Best Campsite $250 Cash Prize

People's Choice

Entertainer of the Year

Best Dressed

*This years campsite theme is TBD!

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